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"So... you're not just a bastard but a royal bastard?"

"It never really meant anything to me. I was inconvenient, a possible threat to Cailan's rule, and so they kept me secret."

The illegitimate son of King Maric Theirin of Ferelden, Alistair led a secluded life. Raised as a favor to the king by Arl Eamon Guerrin of Redcliffe and his wife Isolde, Alistair's heritage was kept secret. Treated as the son of a commoner, he was made to sleep in the stables and perform menial chores at Redcliffe Castle. Isolde, assuming that Eamon's interest in raising Alistair could only be explained if her husband had fathered the child, jealously insisted that the boy be sent off to the Chantry. Once there, Alistair was raised to be a templar.

"Everyone who knew either resented me for it or they coddled me. Even Duncan kept me out of the fighting because of it."

A life of religious devotion never suited Alistair, however, and he was desperately unhappy and lonely within the Chantry's confines. When a Grey Warden named Duncan found him during a tourney held to honor the Wardens, Alistair had not yet taken his vows. Although far from the most skilled templar at the tourney, Duncan admired Alistair's character and invoked the Right of Conscription to bring him into the Wardens. The Chantry's Grand Cleric opposed the move, but by law had no choice but to let Alistair go.

"It's always been made very clear that I'm a commoner, and now a Grey Warden, and in no way in line for the throne. And that's fine by me."

Freed from the misery of the Chantry at last, Alistair grew to consider Duncan as something of a father figure. When Duncan was killed at the battle of Ostagar, Alistair was devastated. Never one to want to be in charge, he was content to step aside and let the newest Grey Warden become the leader.

"So there you have it. Now can we move on? And I'll just pretend you still think I'm some... nobody who was too lucky to die with the rest of the Grey Wardens."

Affable, self-effacing, honest, loyal, and woefully inexperienced with women, Alistair is a likeable twenty-year-old bumbler eager to champion the Grey Wardens and their cause. Because of his time spent at the Chantry he has a natural suspicion toward mages, whom he can frequently be found needling mercilessly. As much of a fool for love as anybody, he's sweet and charming, if not overly aggressive. He's fearless in battle, charging forward in ways that often seem reckless.

Alistair is not above being judgmental and making his opinions loudly known, and has a fierce and abiding hatred for Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, the man who left Duncan and King Cailan -- Alistair's half-brother -- to die at the hands of the darkspawn at Ostagar. He doesn't want fame or notoriety; he's a self-professed terrible leader; he has absolutely no aspiration to the throne of Ferelden. He does, however, cherish his life as a Grey Warden and seems to be making the most of his adventure. He's playful, compassionate, and willful to the core.

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This journal is for roleplay purposes only. Bioware owns Alistair. I'm just borrowing him for misadventure.

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